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Help Documentation and Tutorials

Our full instructional document can be downloaded by clicking here.

Survey files must be a space or tab delimited text file. The first row of surveys must include a survey at 0 meters. Measured depth columns must not include a comma for values with 4 digits (eg. 1000.00 not 1,000.00).

Blank lines are fine, and all lines that do not start with a number are ignored. Occasionally a file may have a non-depth number starting a line such as a depth or UWI. If this is the case, delete that line or place a character in front of it and retry.

Uploading from PDF

Uploading from CSV

Log files must be a properly formatted LAS file. All data is read starting after the ~A or ~ASCII line. If the file appears to be properly formatted, make sure it is saved using UTF-8 encoding and not ANSI encoding.

Sample files must be a space or tab delimited text file with the following format:

Start Depth - End Depth: Description

1000m - 1010m: Sandstone etc....
1000 - 1000: Sandstone etc....

This is the format exported by Wellsite Systems Striplog software.

Operations must be uploaded as a .CSV file generated by Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc.

The appropriate format is: