Health and Safety

Health and Safety Policy

The K.C. Waunch Petroleum Consultants Ltd./SSEC Ltd. partnership exists to connect independent contractors with their clients while ensuring all client safety and reporting requirements are met. To this end we have a strict health and safety policy that all subcontractors must abide by in order to maintain membership.

  1. Safety always takes precedence over productivity. In the event an individual or group of individuals feels as though work cannot be carried out in a safe manner we require that operations be stopped until the problem can be addressed. We consider the right to refuse unsafe work as an obligation of all individuals working with K.C. Waunch/SSEC Ltd.
  2. We require that any potential hazards or safety observations be brought to our attention, even if they do not appear to be immediately critical. This helps us to prevent future unsafe situations before they happen.
  3. We require that every person be committed to safety in the workplace. A proper safety program is only effective if the people it intends to protect use it!
  4. Regardless of position or seniority, every individual is equally accountable for their own safety and the safety of those around them. If you see someone doing something unsafe you must stop them and help remedy the situation in an appropriate manner, even if that person is your boss.
  5. We maintain that all injuries are preventable if the proper planning and preparation is taken before commencing work.

Please find all of our safety policies and procedures below.